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     In May of 2006 I was first exposed to the Big Green Egg at a friends house.  He prepared a steak dinner on a ceramic grill he had called a "Big Green Egg".  Very little effort appeared to be involved in cooking it, just 5 minutes on each side and it was ready.  I knew that evening that I was going to have to have one of these grills.  So I started doing some homework.  After I purchased mine - well,  I became hooked on "BGE cooking".

   This area is a collection of information and personal experiences from my process of learning to use the Big Green Egg ceramic grill.

A Few of EggNerd's Cooks:   (Lots of pics) 

Rib-Eye Steaks

Serrano-Lime Marinated Kabob's

Baby Back Ribs

Worcestershire-Cilantro Burgers with Onion Top-Hats


Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers

Whole Chicken

Boston Butt (For Pulled Pork)

Pork Roast

Beef Brisket

Salmon Fillets

Eye Steaks

Chicken Breasts


Corn in the Husk Corn in the Husk,

Portabella Mushrooms

EggNerd's Newbie Primers:
    Creating "Smoked Salt" on your Egg

EggNerd's Recipe Finds:  (Not my creations, but I've tried and "Nerd Approved" each recipe here.)

                Holiday Turkey Brine – Make your next Turkey the best you’ve ever eaten!
           Brisket Rub - Elder Ward's Brisket Rub
Rib Rub      - Great for Baby Backs or Spare Ribs

        Cilantro-Lime Butter - Fantastic for "Corn in the Husk" or Salmon.

EggNerd's Other Grilling related pages:
    EggNerd's Guide to Pepper Heat! - Jalapeno's too hot for your ABTs?  Not hot enough?  Try something different!!!
Links to some of EggNerd's favorite "Ceramic Cooking" Web Sites: - A great community site for the more hardcore Big Green Egg User!!!    - A great site containing a lot of useful information about grilling, charcoal, and Egg Specific procedures and products.           - Another terrific site, that features a lot of recipes.

Manufacturers of  "Ceramic Cookers":  (Use these sites to find local dealers)
     Big Green Egg       - The king of the Ceramic Cookers.
     Primo Grills           -  Sells both round and "oval grills" for an increased grill area.






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