EggNerd's Odd-Recipe Find: "Elder Ward's Brisket Rub"

I've used this rub on the last four Brisket's I've put in the cooker - and I'm hard pressed to imagine any reason why I won't use on the next Brisket.  It's one of the key elements to my 36-hour Odyssey Brisket process which you can read about here.

Elder Ward's Brisket Rub:


    4 Tbs  Kosher Salt
    4 Tbs  Raw Hawaiian Sugar
    2 Tbs  Ground Cumin Seeds
    4 Tbs  McCormick Chili powder 
    2 Tbs  Cracked Black Pepper
    1 Tbs  Cayenne Pepper (fine ground)
    4 Tbs  Hungarian Paprika
    2 Tbs  Thyme Ground

Preparation Directions:

Combine all ingredients in a blender (or food Processor) and liquefy in short bursts until consistent in texture/color. Shake after each short burst to stir that which settles to the bottom. The food processor will heat the spices enough to blend the flavors without burning them.

Store this Rub in an air-tight container until used.

Store in an airtight container until needed.

This recipe is was created by Carl Elder who can be reached at